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The various Traits in MachiaVillain.

List Of Traits[edit | edit source]

Name Description Minion
Brain Tumor Increase by +2 the maximum number of jobs the minion may have.
Coffee Maniac Sleep Duration -30%
Easygoing nature Loyalty +5.
Energy Bunny Maximum Stamina +30%
Fat is Life Maximum Life +30%. Food Eaten Per Day +20%.
Fireproof Fire Resistance +100%.
Hard Skin Bleeding Resistance +50%.
Intestinal Fortitude Food eaten per day -20%
Late for its death Maximum Life +30%
Made of bones Lose 2 life point(s) with each bone thrown during an attack. Gain 1 with each bone eaten. Skeleton
Off-road feet Walking speed not affected by ground type.
Power Walk Walking Speed +30%. Food eaten per day +20%.
Pyromaniac Fire Resistance +60%.
Quick feet Walking speed +30%.
Rasputin Trainee Poison Resistance +69%.
Relaxed Nature Loyalty +2.
Street rat Poison resistant +50%. Bleeding resistance +40%.
Sunburns Loses +1 point(s) of life every 0.5 hour(s) when not in a closed room. Can catch fire.
Weapon adept Attacks using a weapon will have a cooldown reduced by 50%. Psychopath